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Virtual On Force Official Site Opens

2010-05-20 - And with that, Sega's "Next 360 Action" countdown comes to an end.  Read More »

Capcom's New Home Lounge Opens Today

2010-05-20 - Visit the virtual space to download Killzone and Monster Hunter costumes for Lost Planet 2.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIV: Alpha VS Beta

2010-05-20 - Comparison screenshot shows how things have improved as Square Enix takes the next step with its next MMORPG  Read More »

Here's What Carries Over to White Knight Chronicles 2

2010-05-20 - Level-5 has some bonuses on the way for loyal White Knight players.  Read More »

Media Create Sales Chart Updated

2010-05-20 - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 goes platinum in its third week.  Read More »

First Look: Knights Contract

2010-05-20 - Heinrich and Gretchen face off against some grotesque foes in this first promotional video.  Read More »

Oh by the way, Final Fantasy IX is now available on PSN

2010-05-20 - Square Enix finally opens an official site for download re-release.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Unveils Knights Contract

2010-05-20 - New multiplatform action title has a sexy heroine and promises lots of blood and gore.  Read More »

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