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Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory Screenshots

2010-06-10 - The latest batch of screens shows Victory's offline and online combat options.  Read More »

Two Weeks at the Top for Super Mario Galaxy 2

2010-06-09 - Not even Fairy Tail Portable Guild could stop Nintendo's monster hit.  Read More »

Otomedius Followup Adds Offline Party Play

2010-06-09 - New characters and more also on the way for Xbox 360 shooting sequel.  Read More »

Yakuza PSP Has a Twist on the Ramen Tie-ups

2010-06-09 - Get a part time job at a ramen shop in order to fund your pole dancing spectator habit.  Read More »

Square Enix and Feel Plus Team for Moon Driver

2010-06-09 - Futuristic ninja action on Xbox Live Arcade from the makers of Lost Odyssey.  Read More »

A Few New Sonic Colors Details

2010-06-09 - Sonic transforms into a laser to go faster than ever and bounce off walls.  Read More »

Class of Heroes 3 goes Multiplatform

2010-06-09 - PSP and PS3 release for next entry in Acquire's school-based dungeon crawling series.  Read More »

New Wii Party Mini Games Revealed

2010-06-09 - Nintendo's new mini game athon has mini games in its mini games!  Read More »

Dew Prism PSN Release Date Set

2010-06-09 - Latest Square Enix Game Archives release arrives in two weeks.  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get

2010-06-09 - Compile Heart's new game revealed in advance! All your unverified magazine leaks in one location!  Read More »

Virtual On Force Screenshots

2010-06-09 - Get a closer look at the Xbox 360 port with over 30 new screens showing online, offline and split screen play.  Read More »

Zangief Joins the Fight in Street Fighter IV iPhone

2010-06-09 - Original World Warrior returns as next free character download to follow Cammy.  Read More »

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