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Pokemon Black & White Update

2010-06-12 - New Pokemon revealed. Plus, details on online and wireless play, your Pokedex, and an upcoming demo event.  Read More »

Celebrate Pokemon Black & White's Release in Advance

2010-06-11 - Pokemon offers some sweet Black & White goods for buying older Pokemon games.  Read More »

Malicious: A New Downloadable Action Game for PS3

2010-06-11 - Another hour, another teaser site. But at least this one has screenshots!  Read More »

Here's How That Xbox 360 Game Involving Spouses Begins

2010-06-11 - The opening movie, complete with the ridiculous opening theme song.  Read More »

Kazoku Keikaku Screens, Artwork and Bonus Item

2010-06-11 - New event illustrations from the PSP version of the PC adventure title. Plus, a look at the limited edition bonus book.  Read More »

Atelier Totori Artwork

2010-06-11 - Latest artwork show some of the characters who make a return from Atelier Rorona.  Read More »

Troy Musou Screens

2010-06-11 - Koei's pairing of Dynasty Warriors and the Trojan War resurfaces.  Read More »

Neptune's Sega Crossover Revealed

2010-06-11 - Plus, a close look at the combat system, and bonus item info.  Read More »

Date Set For Project Diva DLC Round 2

2010-06-11 - Eighteen songs and a 2D communication game, all for a cool ¥3,000.  Read More »

Another Century's Episode R Screenshots

2010-06-11 - Latest media shows Chase Mode, the cinematic Tension Attacks, and the Z Gundam bonus item.  Read More »

Is This Super Street Fighter IV's Arcade Version?

2010-06-11 - True development has started on arcade port, according to official blog.  Read More »

Bakumatsu Revolution Screenshots & Art

2010-06-11 - Acquire's free four player co-op action RPG hits PSP on the 25th.   Read More »

Sega Brings Dreamcast Classics to PS3, X360

2010-06-11 - First round of titles includes Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi.  Read More »

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker's "Naked" Female Soldiers

2010-06-11 - You would have seen a bit more flesh had Peace Walker's lady soldiers kept their original "naked" uniforms.  Read More »

Wii and PS3 Neck and Neck in Hardware Sales

2010-06-11 - PSP continues to lead in hardware sales. Are consumers waiting for 3DS?  Read More »

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