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3rd Parties Give 3DS Major Push

2010-06-16 - Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts -- third parties share their plans for Nintendo's new 3D portable.  Read More »

Nintendo Shares 3DS Specs

2010-06-16 - System promises added control options and increased wireless capabilities.  Read More »

Project Sora Brings Kid Icarus to 3DS

2010-06-16 - Kirby and Smash Bros. creator's mystery game revealed to be long awaited sequel.  Read More »

Nintendo Unveils Zelda: Skyward Sword

2010-06-16 - Shigeru Miyamoto takes the stage at Nintendo's E3 presser to show off the long awaited Wii Zelda game.  Read More »

Nintendo Opens E3 Special Site

2010-06-16 - View the Nintendo press conference live in case that whole YouTube thing doesn't work.  Read More »

Hori Reissuing Xbox 360 Twin Sticks

2010-06-15 - Pricey peripheral to be offered to Virtual On Force buyers.  Read More »

Hideo Kojima Comments on Metal Gear Solid Rising

2010-06-15 - Decapitation-heavy PS360 title not "taboo" game Kojima Tweeted about in the past.  Read More »

Gundam Jet Takes Off Next Month

2010-06-15 - The latest Gundam promotion (that doesn't really have to do with games, but who are you to stop me from writing about it?)  Read More »

Capcom Reviving Breath of Fire Art Book

2010-06-15 - Hold off on that Dance of Joy until you've read the headline in its entirety!  Read More »

Hideo Kojima's Hilarious Encounter With Sony at E3

2010-06-15 - He may have flown in on a private jet, but the creator of Metal Gear still needs a wrist band to get into Sony's press conference.  Read More »

Atelier Series Gets Free iPhone App

2010-06-15 - Annie mini game available for free download today.  Read More »

Fire Emblem Update

2010-06-15 - Here's what's new for the DS remake of the Super Famicom classic.  Read More »

Microsoft Details Japanese Plans for X360 250 and Kinect

2010-06-15 - Hardware revision arriving opposite Monster Hunter Frontier Online.  Read More »

Ace Combat X2 Pushed Back

2010-06-15 - PSP flight sequel misses release -- or take-off (if you want to be punched in the face) -- by a month.  Read More »

Kojima Productions Mystery E3 Site Becomes More Mysterious

2010-06-15 - One more surprise on the way from the Metal Gear studio. Plus, visit the MGS Rising official site... because it's there.  Read More »

Latest Super SFIV DLC Hits Today

2010-06-15 - A costume pack, a new mode of play, a gameplay patch, and a sexy premium theme.  Read More »

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