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Tetsuya Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3D

2010-06-18 - New gameplay systems and some unexpected story developments planned for 3DS title. Plus, Nomura details future developments for the series.  Read More »

Lotsa New Stuff at the Pokemon Black & White Site

2010-06-17 - Get your first look at all the new Pokemon and gameplay systems that were unveiled in Coro Coro over the weekend.  Read More »

Kojima: Taboo Game for Consoles, ZOE 3 on Hold

2010-06-17 - Things I learned while watching Hideo Kojima get a shoulder massage in the bathroom of a French hotel.  Read More »

3DS Features Software Install

2010-06-17 - Asahi reports on surprise feature for Nintendo's upcoming system.  Read More »

Nintendo Considering 3D For Wii Successor

2010-06-17 - Iwata waiting for 3D adoption rate to reach 30%.  Read More »

Vanquish Screens

2010-06-17 - The latest batch of media for Shinji Mikami's new action title, distributed by Sega at E3.  Read More »

Metal Gear Solid Rising Screens

2010-06-17 - Full res shots of Raiden chopping up cars, cyborgs and buildings. Plus, the main visual for this new Metal Gear Solid game.  Read More »

Yakuza PSP Theme Song is "Muppet" From Rize

2010-06-17 - Theme song to be included on upcoming album from popular rock band.  Read More »

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Collaborates with Square Enix Manga For New DLC

2010-06-17 - Latest download content has elements from Arakawa Under the Bridge. Is this the second Square Enix tie-up?  Read More »

Media Create Software Chart Updated

2010-06-17 - Xenoblade leads the way with 80,000 units first week sales.  Read More »

First Look: Harvest Moon's Browser Game

2010-06-17 - Team up with other players for large scale farming in new take on farming series.  Read More »

New Metal Gear Solid Rising Screens and Details

2010-06-17 - Create your very own weapons and tools using Raiden's katana skills.  Read More »

Shinji Mikami Discusses Vanquish

2010-06-17 - Director reveals why game has no multiplayer and what you can do with the cigarettes.  Read More »

Sony Details Japanese PlayStation Plus Service

2010-06-17 - Paid network service kicking off domestically on the 29th, simultaneous with the rest of the world.  Read More »

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