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Media Create Chart Updated

2010-06-25 - Mario Galaxy 2 takes back the top spot as Ghost Trick debuts at 2.   Read More »

Square Enix Releasing Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Guide

2010-06-25 - http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2010/06/25/square_enix_peace_walker_guide/  Read More »

Yoot Saito Hints at 3DS Seaman

2010-06-25 - Could the foul-mouthed fish return in a new dimension? Creator shares some comments of note via Twitter.   Read More »

Square Enix Readying Demo Disc for PS3

2010-06-24 - Trailers for The Third Birthday, Final Fantasy XIV and more included amongst demos.   Read More »

Ni no Kuni Press Conference Gallery

2010-06-24 - Level-5 gathers the press to show off not one but two Ni no Kuni games. Pictures from the press conference and demo session.  Read More »

See Ni no Kuni PS3 In Motion

2010-06-24 - Level-5 debuts a must-see trailer and hints at some major differences between the DS and PS3 versions.   Read More »

Ni no Kuni Impressions

2010-06-24 - Trying out the latest build, complete with the Magic Master book.   Read More »

Ni no Kuni PS3: Artwork Versus Realtime

2010-06-24 - Level-5 encourages us to make some comparisons. Will you take the real time challenge?   Read More »

Level-5 Puts Ni no Kuni on Demo

2010-06-24 - Press conference attendees get to sample book-based gameplay in latest build of DS version.   Read More »

Ni no Kuni Hotroit Stories Screens

2010-06-24 - The mobile version of Level-5's Studio Ghibli tie-up.  Read More »

Ni no Kuni -- DS Version Screens & Art

2010-06-24 - Our latest look at the DS version of Level-5's Studio Ghibli tie-up. Level-5 distributed this media at today's Ni no Kuni press conference in Tokyo  Read More »

Ni no Kuni -- First PS3 Version Screens

2010-06-24 - Level-5 brings the Studio Ghibli tie-up to PS3. Get your first look via these must-see screens.  Read More »

CyberConnect2 Opening Tokyo Studio

2010-06-24 - Naruto and .hack developer expanding from Fukuoka homebase.   Read More »

Date Set For Okamiden

2010-06-24 - DS sequel to Clover masterpiece arrives in late September.   Read More »

New Earth Saver Plus Stages Hit Today

2010-06-24 - Some new stages for those who found saving the Earth to be too easy.   Read More »

Capcom Opens Shop on the Beach

2010-06-24 - Publisher opening summer shop, cafe and restaurant on the beaches of Kamakura.   Read More »

Ni no Kuni Press Conference Live Blog

2010-06-24 - Level-5 lays out its plans for the eagerly anticipated Studio Ghibli tie-up. Read here for a live blog of the proceedings.   Read More »

Yakuza PSP Has Multiplayer Combat

2010-06-24 - Portable entry takes series multiplayer with cooperative and competitive ad-hoc fights.   Read More »

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Has Harsh Visualizations of War

2010-06-24 - Director Hajime Tabata shares a few details on the FFXIII sister project with Dengeki.   Read More »

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