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Crystal Defenders Hits iPad

2010-07-01 - Large screen version of tower defense strategy title now available on App Store.   Read More »

Sega Begins New Yakuza Tease

2010-07-01 - Check out Goro Majima with a machine gun.   Read More »

Miyamoto on Swimming, 3DS, Cats and New Characters

2010-07-01 - Nintendo posts full transcript of recent shareholder Q&A.   Read More »

Trinity Zill O’ll Zero Screenshots

2010-07-01 - Tecmo Koei's Zill O’ll-themed action RPG is now set for September 30 release.   Read More »

The 3rd Birthday Screenshots

2010-07-01 - Gameplay and cinema shots of Aya Brea and the Twisted.  Read More »

Capcom's New Resident Evil Mobile Game

2010-07-01 - Press buttons to select doors. And that's it!   Read More »

Xbox 360 Monster Hunter Tops Media Create Sales Charts

2010-07-01 - Love Plus +, Atelier Totori and Tokimeki Memorial beaten in first week sales.   Read More »

Lord of Arcana -- Official Media

2010-07-01 - Square Enix shares a few screens and some artwork for its Monster Hunter killa.  Read More »

First Look: Lord of Arcana

2010-07-01 - Square Enix's Monster Hunter clone gets its first PV. Plus, a few new gameplay details, and a first look at Bahamut and Agni.   Read More »

Ace Combat X2 Gets a Demo and a God Eater Collaboration

2010-07-01 - Download the demo from the official site, and try to unlock the God Eater "Fenrir" emblem.   Read More »

White Knight 2 Chronicles 2 Has Swim Suits

2010-07-01 - Plus, details on how you can remake your avatar when importing into the sequel.   Read More »

Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded Official Site Opens

2010-07-01 - Wallpapers, story details, character profiles and more!   Read More »

Marvelous Cancels Tokyo Majin DS Game

2010-07-01 - Adventure game was set to be final entry in trilogy.   Read More »

Miyamoto Hints at New Character For Next Year

2010-07-01 - Nintendo chief software making person hard at work on 3DS right now.   Read More »

Shigeru Miyamoto Has Been Swimming

2010-07-01 - Bits and pieces from Nintendo's recent shareholders meeting.   Read More »

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