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Inazuma Eleven 3 Tops the Charts

2010-07-08 - Soccer sequel leads the way following flood of new releases.   Read More »

Konami Planning Love Plus Summer Bus Tours

2010-07-07 - You, your virtual girlfriend, and twenty others just like you.   Read More »

Up Next For PlayStation Plus

2010-07-07 - The Last Guy and Fat Princess join the premium service later this month.   Read More »

Yakuza PSP's Multiplayer Component Detailed

2010-07-07 - Team play and battle royal are on the way. Plus, create your own custom character.   Read More »

Ono Talks Up Super Street Fighter IV Arcade

2010-07-07 - Arcade updates could be offered as a free patch to home users.   Read More »

Dissidia Final Fantasy is an Ultimate Hit

2010-07-07 - Square Enix readying budget re-releases for both versions of the Final Fantasy crossover fighter.   Read More »

Hideo Kojima Discusses Metal Gear Solid 3DS

2010-07-07 - MGS creator directed demo, but may not be in charge of final game.   Read More »

Hideo Kojima's Next Game May Be Metal Gear Solid 5

2010-07-07 - The Metal Gear creator discusses his next game in a completely baffling interview in this week's Famitsu.   Read More »

Atelier Fans' Dream PSP

2010-07-07 - Attention Atelier fans: do not look directly at the system!   Read More »

This Week's Flying Get

2010-07-07 - Lord of Arcana's encounter-based combat system detailed. The latest magazine news, updated throughout the day.   Read More »

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