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The Last Story Gets a Trailer

2010-07-08 - Finally, our first look at Mistwalker's new Wii RPG!   Read More »

Date Set For Lord of Arcana; New Trailer Released

2010-07-08 - Square Enix formally announces final release date. Download version also on the way.   Read More »

Yoichi Wada VS English

2010-07-08 - Square Enix CEO would rather force C on his employees than English.   Read More »

Sega Dates Vanquish, Confirms Paid DLC Plans

2010-07-08 - Latest from Platinum Games and Shinji Mikami due on October 21. Demo event set for August.   Read More »

Dress Your PSP in K-On

2010-07-08 - Pre-order bonus stickers on the way for upcoming anime conversion.   Read More »

Mikami Celebrates Tango's Opening at Vanquish Development Blog

2010-07-08 - Vanquish director mentions influence from Casshern once again.   Read More »

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