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Fire Emblem Team Debated For Months About Perma Death Change

2010-07-15 - Intelligent Systems staffers share some insights into the great change for the new Fire Emblem remake.  Read More »

Wii Party Tops the Charts

2010-07-15 - Nintendo party game beats out White Knight 2 for the top spot in Enterbrain's weekly sales chart.  Read More »

Dream Club Set for PSP

2010-07-14 - Xbox 360 host club sim makes the move to the small screen, complete with new features.  Read More »

Blazing Lazers Hits PSN Next Week

2010-07-14 - Three new Turbo titles for Sony's retro download service.  Read More »

Last Ranker Screens

2010-07-14 - One day until release for Capcom and Image Epoch's original PSP RPG.  Read More »

King of Fighters XIII Screenshots

2010-07-14 - The arcade fighter hits game centers today. Celebrate with a few new screenshots.  Read More »

Japan's Biggest Producers Comment on 3DS

2010-07-14 - Hideo Kojima, Tomonobu Itagaki, Toshihiro Nagoshi, Yoshinori Ono -- the big boys share their thoughts on Nintendo's new hardware.  Read More »

Sakaguchi Putting 120% Into The Last Story

2010-07-14 - Final Fantasy creator gets the feeling that The Last Story could be his last game.  Read More »

Dragon Quest Hits the Big Screen in 3D

2010-07-14 - Square Enix promotes upcoming Wii conversion of Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road with special 3D teaser to be shown prior to Toy Story 3.  Read More »

Konami's Latest Baseball Game Hits iPhone

2010-07-14 - Pro Baseball Touch 2010 features the realistic kind of players.  Read More »

Hear Keiji Inafune Speak About Zombies

2010-07-14 - Dead Rising producer pushing zombies ahead of Dead Rising 2's release.  Read More »

Sonic Colors Screenshots

2010-07-14 - Art and screenshots from the Wii and DS versions of the latest Sonic game.  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get

2010-07-14 - The latest magazine leaks. Updated throughout the day!  Read More »

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