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Afrika's Online Service Ending

2010-07-24 - No more photo contests to show off your digital digital photo skills.  Read More »

Phantom Brave Portable Teaser Site Opens

2010-07-23 - PS2 and Wii strategy title coming to PSP in October.  Read More »

Line Attack Heroes Hits Next Week

2010-07-23 - Nintendo's unique action title being released as a WiiWare download. Get all the details ahead of release.  Read More »

See Twinkle Queen in Motion

2010-07-23 - Watch Wii's bishojo fighter, then demand your four minutes back!  Read More »

Date Set for BlazBlue PC

2010-07-23 - PC version of the original finally arriving in a couple of months.  Read More »

"Console" Transformations Shown in Latest Neptune Trailer

2010-07-23 - New trailer shows transformations and Compile Hearts and Idea Factory character cameos.  Read More »

My Wife is Late

2010-07-23 - Idea Factory's wife simulator may slip to Fall.  Read More »

Close Up Look at K-On's Menu System

2010-07-23 - Watch chibi versions of the After School Tea Time members recreate scenes from the anime.  Read More »

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Screens

2010-07-23 - Full res screens show off the arcade version. Can you spot any differences?  Read More »

Love Plus Set for Arcades

2010-07-23 - Arcade version of girlfriend sim going on location test in Akihabara this weekend.  Read More »

Dead Rising 2 e-Capcom Bonus is Woooo!!

2010-07-23 - ... but not as Woooo!! as the bonus for the Dead Rising movie DVD!  Read More »

Be a Body Guard in PSP's Yakuza

2010-07-23 - Ukyou's part time job options go beyond just flipping burgers at Smile Burger.  Read More »

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