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New Marvel vs Capcom 3 Combat Clip

2010-07-30 - Chun-Li, Amaterasu and Trish VS Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.  Read More »

Pengo Returns to Arcades with 8 Player Combat

2010-07-30 - Sega revives a classic with its Ringwide arcade board.  Read More »

Earth Seeker Detailed

2010-07-30 - Original Wii game from Craft & Meister resurfaces via a teaser website and a big Famitsu preview.  Read More »

Hatsune Miku Gets Her Own Memory Stick

2010-07-30 - They're charging you a lot more than they should be, but it's all in good fun.  Read More »

World Neverland: The Nalulu Kingdom Stories Screenshots

2010-07-30 - Althi dates its download-only PSP life sim for October 16 and shares some screens.  Read More »

Mario Tennis, Clock Tower hit Virtual Console in August

2010-07-30 - Another small lineup, to be hopefully augmented with arcade releases.  Read More »

Sega's Arcade and Consumer Businesses See Gains

2010-07-30 - Sega's consumer business in the red once again, but much improved over last year.  Read More »

Capcom's Earnings Briefing Hints at No 3DS Releases This Fiscal Year

2010-07-30 - Company's projections do not include Resident Evil Revelations and SFIV 3D.  Read More »

Capcom Explains Lost Planet 2's Failure

2010-07-30 - Crossplatform shooter was company's number one title for the quarter, but failed to live up to expectations.  Read More »

Zero no Kiseki: Meet the Cast

2010-07-30 - Falcom introduces us to its Legend of Heroes sequel through a PV and some much needed story and character details.  Read More »

Tactics Ogre: The First Trailer

2010-07-30 - Square Enix gives the PSP "rebuilding" a proper official site, with a first teaser video.  Read More »

Your Next Idolmaster 2 PV

2010-07-30 - Five idols dance it up to The World is All One in this complete version of a video that recently aired on NHK.  Read More »

Dream Club Portable Screenshots

2010-07-30 - Joining today's release date announcement, D3 shares screens of Mari, Airi and the Dream Clock feature.  Read More »

Konami Bringing Kingdom Manga to PSP

2010-07-30 - Young Jump manga coming to the small screen. Get your first look here.  Read More »

PSP, DS top Hardware Sales Chart

2010-07-30 - No major changes following week of few new releases.  Read More »

Dream Club Portable Gets a Date and PV

2010-07-30 - Portable hostess simulator arrives in October. First PV shows all the new features.  Read More »

Marvel vs Capcom Announcement at Gamescom

2010-07-30 - Producer hints at announcement even though Capcom won't have a booth.  Read More »

Date Set for Virtual On Force

2010-07-30 - Sega readying sweet limited edition bundle for Virtual On fanatics.  Read More »

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