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Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Comes With a Shopping Bag

2010-08-03 - An odd choice of pre-order bonuses. Plus, check out Final Fantasy characters in the DS remake.  Read More »

Love Plus Cosplay Done Right

2010-08-03 - This cosplayer accurately portrays Konami's girlfriend simulator.  Read More »

Dream Club Zero Screens

2010-08-03 - First screens of the Xbox 360 sequel show newcomer Asuka and other new elements.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Outlines Tales Plans

2010-08-03 - "Tales With" is this year's theme as PS3 and PSP see new Tales series titles.  Read More »

135 Days Until the Next Tales

2010-08-02 - Namco Bandai begins a lengthy countdown. Are we going to have to wait four months for new Tales info?  Read More »

New Bayonetta Info Coming This Week

2010-08-02 - Producer of acclaimed action title makes a mysterious Tweet.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Confirms New Tales Games

2010-08-02 - PS3 and PSP titles confirmed at Tales series press conference. Tales of Unitia name denied.  Read More »

New 3rd Birthday Trailer Coming This Month

2010-08-02 - Square Enix updates us on its big PSP games via Twitter.  Read More »

Radiant Historia's Full Official Site Opens

2010-08-02 - New story and gameplay details. Plus, get a sweet sampling of Yoko Shimomura's soundtrack.  Read More »

New Xbox 360 Revelations at Famitsu Anniversary Event

2010-08-02 - 5pb. CEO shares shooter plans. Cave dev chief shares adventure game plans. Microsoft higher-up shares TGS plans.  Read More »

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