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Bethesda's Fallout New Vegas Protestors

2010-08-04 - These RPG fans are speaking out about the problems with their genre of choice.  Read More »

Tetsuya Nomura Discusses Kingdom Hearts 3D, Re:Coded

2010-08-03 - The director talks about themes, main characters and a falling Sora.  Read More »

Spank Naughty Girls in Nippon Ichi and Image Epoch's New PSP RPG

2010-08-03 - What's next from the publisher of Disgaea and the developer of Last Ranker.  Read More »

Capcom's Earnings Q&A, Now in English

2010-08-03 - English translation a bit clearer about 3DS release plans.  Read More »

Now You can Own a Giant Felyne

2010-08-03 - Capcom unveils the latest Monster Hunter goods  Read More »

Dengeki Asks 5pb.'s CEO About His Hideo Kojima Collaboration

2010-08-03 - Japan's cutest video game CEO says little about his collaborative adventure game, but does express reverence for Kojima.  Read More »

Sega's Shining Wind Pillow Cases Are Flippable

2010-08-03 - In case you get tired of one of Tony's heroines midway through the night.  Read More »

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