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Capcom Plans Increased Paid Download Content and Social Games

2010-08-06 - More "paid demos" like Dead Rising Case 0 could be on the way.  Read More »

More The 3rd Birthday Twittelations

2010-08-06 - Tetsuya Nomura, Hajime Tabata, and Yoshinori Kitase share all sorts of new details via Twitter.  Read More »

Macross F Hybrid Pack Screens

2010-08-06 - Namco Bandai combines a movie and game on one Blu-ray disc.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Sales and Earnings Up

2010-08-06 - Company sees improvements despite no major new releases for the quarter.  Read More »

The Last Story Official Site: Now With Content

2010-08-05 - Get a look at all the gameplay systems and world elements you've been reading about since January.  Read More »

The Last Story Screenshots

2010-08-05 - Our first proper look at Mistwalker's Wii epic.  Read More »

First Look: Criminal Girls

2010-08-05 - Nippon Ichi and Imageepoch team up for a bizarre PSP RPG.  Read More »

Quantum Theory Screenshots

2010-08-05 - Screens from the center to upper part of the tower.  Read More »

Shining Hearts Teaser Site Opens

2010-08-05 - Get a sampling of Hiroki Kikuta's soundtrack, and learn how to pronounce "Shining Hearts."  Read More »

Sengoku Basara 3, Hatsune Miku Top 240,000

2010-08-05 - PS3 version of Capcom historical action title outsells Wii version five to one.  Read More »

PSP Was Konami's Big Platform For the First Quarter

2010-08-05 - Portable accounts for 40% of game sales thanks in large part to Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.  Read More »

Konami Earnings Up For the Quarter

2010-08-05 - Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Winning Eleven lead to boost in earnings.  Read More »

Tales of Graces F: Sophie's Full Outfit

2010-08-05 - Mutsumi Inomata designs a new outfit for the heroine's PS3 debut. Plus, first screens of the PS3 version's battles.  Read More »

Now Yakuza's Shun Akiyama is in Shinjuku

2010-08-05 - Sega's marketing strategy for the new PS3 Yakuza game got predictable real quick.  Read More »

Tactics Ogre: New Rogue Class Revealed

2010-08-05 - Steal items and set traps on the battle field. Plus, learn skills using an updated character growth system.  Read More »

First Look: Zack & Ombra

2010-08-05 - The game many consider to be Konami's take on Professor Layton gets an official site.  Read More »

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