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Aya Brea in Street Clothes, and More From The 3rd Birthday Twitter

2010-08-07 - Tabata and Nomura share screen grabs and a few insights into the PSP title.  Read More »

What Comes Next From Nintendo?

2010-08-06 - I don't know, but it will hopefully involve a giant Mario and Toad.  Read More »

Square Enix Quarterly Earnings Surge

2010-08-06 - Dragon Quest Monsters and Final Fantasy XIII give company major boost.  Read More »

Shining Legend is... Not a New Shining Game

2010-08-06 - Two Shining games announced in one week, and neither have anything to do with Shining Force.  Read More »

Hero 30 Second Teaser Site Opens

2010-08-06 - Plus, get your first look at the sequel over at Famitsu.com.  Read More »

PS3 and PSP Hardware Sales Surge

2010-08-06 - Sengoku Basara, Hatsune Miku, and new hardware models contribute to Sony hardware dominance this week.  Read More »

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