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Tactics Ogre Screens Show New Rogue Class

2010-08-13 - Square Enix shares latest look at PSP remake of classic strategy title.  Read More »

Tactics Ogre Screenshots

2010-08-13 - The new Rogue class and a look at some gameplay basics.  Read More »

AKB48 Plays Okamiden

2010-08-12 - A cute game made even cuter by the people playing it.  Read More »

Danganronpa Screenshots

2010-08-12 - First look at Spike's new PSP high speed detective action game.  Read More »

Aya Brea Zoom Feature Coming to 3rd Birthday Official Site.

2010-08-12 - You'll be able to get close to Tetsuya Nomura's hottest heroine. (Updated with Aya's wedding ring NOOOOOO!!!)  Read More »

Square Enix Brings Chaos Rings to iPad Today

2010-08-12 - First look at Media Vision's original RPG in high res.  Read More »

Xbox 360 DoDonPachi Patch Report Coming This Weekend

2010-08-12 - Still waiting for that darn patch? There may be some news from Akihabara on Saturday.  Read More »

Tetsuya Nomura on Aya Brea's Pants

2010-08-12 - The latest from The 3rd Birthday Twitter.  Read More »

New Yakuza PSP Characters Revealed

2010-08-12 - The Florist of Sai returns for the PSP game. He's joined by a reporter and a top hostess.  Read More »

LovePlus iPhone App Updated with Mapping Features

2010-08-12 - Now you can more easily let the world know where you had a virtual date.  Read More »

Harvest Moon Goes Social on GREE

2010-08-12 - Another major franchise for the emerging GREE Platform.  Read More »

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