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No Shower Scene for The 3rd Birthday

2010-08-14 - Director Hajime Tabata breaks the hearts of Aya Brea fans everywhere. But not me, because I really don't care. Hmph!  Read More »

Pokemon B&W: Seasons, Dreams and Musicals

2010-08-13 - The new DS Pokemon games are packed with more than just newcomer Pokemon.  Read More »

The 3rd Birthday Shower Scene Update Coming Tonight

2010-08-13 - Will Parasite Eve 2's most well-known scene make a reappearance in The 3rd Birthday?  Read More »

Now Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is Larger Than Life

2010-08-13 - Square Enix releases another CG gallery for iPhone and iPad.  Read More »

Monster Hunter Diary: The Cute Just Got Ridiculous

2010-08-13 - Capcom shares a look at some giant stuffed Felyne and Hello Kitty figures that you're going to have to be awfully lucky to get.  Read More »

Radiant Historia Pushed Up!

2010-08-13 - Time themed RPG arrives one day ahead of schedule.  Read More »

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