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BlazBlue Goes Mobile

2010-08-20 - Puchi fighting game available now for cell phones. Arc System works also shares PC version screens.  Read More »

Ghost 'N Goblins Gold Knights II Hits iPhone

2010-08-20 - New character and Twitter connectivity for side scrolling sequel.  Read More »

BlazBlue Mobile Battle Screenshots

2010-08-20 - Arc System Works' second social network game is a "puchi fighting game" for Mobagetown.  Read More »

Catherine's First Trailer

2010-08-20 - Lots of erotic imagery and lamb carnage in this first trailer for the first H game from the team that brought us Persona.  Read More »

Monster Hunter's New Taiko Drum Master Tie-up

2010-08-19 - Upcoming Monster Hunter Diary to feature Taiko Drum Master costume.  Read More »

Okamiden Makes Reading Cute

2010-08-19 - Fans apparently want to read with their heads against their Chibterasu pillow.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Makes Facebook Push

2010-08-19 - Publisher readying two Facebook games for August beta.  Read More »

How Radiant Historia's Time System Works

2010-08-19 - Save the world by traveling through time in this new original DS RPG from Atlus.  Read More »

Yakuza's Ryuji Goda Appears in Shinjuku

2010-08-19 - The Yakuza 2 rival makes a surprising return for the next PS3 Yakuza game.  Read More »

First Look: Catherine

2010-08-19 - Team Persona makes their HD debut with an all new action adventure game.  Read More »

Atlus Goes HD With Catherine

2010-08-19 - New action adventure game in development from the Persona team.  Read More »

5pb. Readying "Bullet Soul" for Xbox 360

2010-08-19 - Is this the original Xbox 360 shooter 5pb. promised back in February?  Read More »

First Details: PS3's Malicious

2010-08-19 - Make use of a transforming cloak in Alvion's new downloadable 3D action game.  Read More »

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