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My Little Sister Really Is Cute

2010-08-24 - Namco Bandai uses Live2D tech for new light novel adaptation.  Read More »

Sega Registers "Valkyria3" URL

2010-08-23 - A hint at the next Valkyria Chronicles?  Read More »

Catherine Official Site Opens

2010-08-23 - Lots of sexy artwork of heroine Catherine. Plus, check out the trailer in HD.  Read More »

Sonic Colors Date Set

2010-08-23 - DS and Wii versions arrive simultaneously. Sega includes Gettenka card as bonus item.  Read More »

Radiant Historia: Meet the Time Twins

2010-08-23 - Tio and Lipty, managers of the strange world of Historia.  Read More »

CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama Responds to Fan Questions

2010-08-23 - Topics include Solatorobo connections to Tail Concerto, .hack sequels and huggable pillows.  Read More »

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