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Downloadable 3rd Birthday Demo Under Consideration

2010-08-31 - Plus, get what development team got to play the demo in advance? The latest from The 3rd Birthday Twitter.  Read More »

Malicious: First Trailer and High Res Screens

2010-08-31 - Find out what Alvion's download-only PlayStation 3 action title is all about.  Read More »

A Message From the Catherine Director

2010-08-30 - Katsura Hashino jokes about eroticism and promises some big updates in future blog posts.  Read More »

Dead Rising 2 Case 0 Delayed

2010-08-30 - Capcom holds off on its Xbox 360 exclusive Dead Rising 2 pre story.  Read More »

Quantum Theory Screenshots

2010-08-30 - Combination attacks and a new "Greenhouse" stage.  Read More »

Suck Up Boss Skills in PS3's Malicious

2010-08-30 - Get a first real look at Alvion's new downloadable PS3 action game.  Read More »

Play Yakuza PSP Now!

2010-08-30 - 4gamer gets a downloadable demo in advance.  Read More »

Atlus Being Merged Into Parent Company

2010-08-30 - Index Holdings to combine two subsidiaries. Atlus brand may live on.  Read More »

God Eater Burst Update

2010-08-30 - New character and gameplay details for Namco Bandai's updated Monster Hunter killer.  Read More »

Super Robot Wars L Official Site is Purple

2010-08-30 - Everything that's known about Namco Bandai's latest robot strategy game.  Read More »

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