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The 3rd Birthday Has Memory Stick Install, May Have Download Version

2010-09-03 - "The end is near," director Hajime Tabata writes at the game's official Twitter.  Read More »

Dream Club Zero: The Couch is Full

2010-09-03 - Nonono arrives from the future to complete the cast. Get a look at all the girls, the rodeo mini game and the alternative outfits.  Read More »

First Look: White Knight Chronicles PSP

2010-09-03 - A couple of characters shown for the new portable entry in Level-5's RPG series.  Read More »

Dream Club Zero Screenshots

2010-09-03 - Get a look at Nonono, the hostess who's come from the future for the sake of mankind. Plus, high res bull riding!  Read More »

Square Enix Unveils Next Gen Engine: Luminous

2010-09-02 - CEDEC development session outlines broad goals of next gen tech from RPG giant.  Read More »

Sega Pushes Shining Hearts Back

2010-09-02 - Title coming a couple of weeks later to "improve quality."  Read More »

Now There's a Kingdom Hearts Twitter

2010-09-02 - Nomura opens a Twitter for his top series and promises to keep out the fluff.  Read More »

Kirby's Epic Yarn Set for Japan

2010-09-02 - Nintendo gives its E3 surprise a Japanese name, a Japanese date, and a must-see Japanese trailer.  Read More »

New Date for Trinity Zill O'll Zero

2010-09-02 - Tecmo Koei shares another release date for the Omega Force action RPG. Will it stick this time?  Read More »

KOF Sky Stage: Xbox Live Arcade Date Finally Set

2010-09-02 - SNK Playmore's fusion of bullet hell shooting and KOF hits in two weeks.  Read More »

Nintendo Confirms Super Mario All-Stars Wii

2010-09-02 - Classic compilation being revived as retail Wii release.  Read More »

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Screenshots

2010-09-02 - Get your first look at Cloud in the Olympic Coliseum stage.  Read More »

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Character Reveal Planned for TGS

2010-09-02 - Producer says to expect character reveal and special guests as crossover fighter makes Japanese debut.  Read More »

Retailers Reveal Super Mario All-Stars Wii

2010-09-02 - Nintendo may be celebrating Mario's super 25th anniversary with an awesome collectors package for Wii.  Read More »

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