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Super Mario Collection Confirmed a Port

2010-09-07 - Amazon listing says upcoming Wii title is port of Super Famicom games.  Read More »

Sample Square Enix's Battle Tracks

2010-09-06 - Official site for battle-themed soundtrack updated with samples of all songs.  Read More »

Tales of Graces F Demo Detailed

2010-09-06 - Sample seven playable characters and new gameplay systems in upcoming downloadable demo.  Read More »

Surinuke Anatousu Screenshots

2010-09-06 - Nintendo and Keys Factory team up for a unique 3D puzzle action game on Wii.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Legends Job System Detailed

2010-09-06 - Square Enix shares some gameplay details as new mobile Final Fantasy sees release.  Read More »

Your Record of Agarest War 2 Bonus Goodies

2010-09-06 - Plus, a new promotional video shows the game's event creation system and naughty massage mini game.  Read More »

Wii Party Topped the Charts in August

2010-09-06 - Nintendo's latest party game may not have the Mario name, but it has the Mario legs!  Read More »

Namco Bandai Shares AM Show Lineup

2010-09-06 - Gundam Extreme VS and four player Pac-Man lead the way at upcoming arcade event.  Read More »

Dangan-Ronpa's Mono Bear to be Voiced by Doraemon

2010-09-06 - Spike reveals the big voice actor surprise for its high speed action detective game.  Read More »

Mega Man Universe Set for Japan Too

2010-09-06 - Capcom retains the Mega Man name for the Japanese release.  Read More »

Shining Hearts Has Witches, Cats, Elves and More Moe

2010-09-06 - The latest gameplay and character details on Sega's delayed Shining game.  Read More »

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