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3rd Birthday Team Aims for Half a Million Units

2010-09-09 - Tetsuya Nomura and director Hajime Tabata share some development secrets via Twitter.  Read More »

Criminal Girls: First Look at the New Girls

2010-09-09 - Plus, a closer look at the punishment system through some screens that you probably shouldn't show to mom.  Read More »

New Yakuza Game Gets a Name

2010-09-09 - Sega adds "Of The End" subtitle for upcoming PS3 title.  Read More »

Microsoft Shares Japanese Release Plans for Kinect

2010-09-09 - Hands-free gaming device arriving on November 20 with six launch titles.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Unveils Kinect Brain Training Game

2010-09-08 - Professor Kawashima goes hands free for upcoming launch title. Get your first look through the new PV.  Read More »

Call of Duty Black Ops: First Dubbed Trailer

2010-09-08 - Square Enix gets some major voice talent for the dubbed version.  Read More »

Xbox 360 Special Forces Think FFXIII Deal is a Dream

2010-09-08 - Microsoft's corporate spokespersons don't believe today's big news.  Read More »

Xbox 360 Invades the Final Fantasy XIII Official Site

2010-09-08 - Square Enix provides a glimpse at the bonus content in the long awaited 360 version of FFXIII.  Read More »

Quantum Theory Screenshots

2010-09-08 - A look at Cid's weapons, including Arc Screamer, Hail Launcher, Echo Arc and Brimstone.  Read More »

Xbox 360 Media Briefing 2010 Live Blog

2010-09-08 - Microsoft gathers the press to detail its year end domestic lineup. Read here for a live blog of the proceedings.  Read More »

3rd Birthday: The Truth Behind Overdive

2010-09-08 - Find out what Aya Brea is really doing when she mind jumps into the battle field.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII Confirmed For Xbox 360 Release

2010-09-08 - Square Enix gives the Xbox 360 version budget and international branding.  Read More »

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