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48th Amusement Machine Show Gallery

2010-09-10 - A photo tour of JAMMA's latest arcade expo showing exhibits for Initial D, Pac-Man Shining Force and more!  Read More »

3D Highlights Amusement Machine Show

2010-09-10 - Namco Bandai shows off 3D racing and gun shooting. SIE unveils goggle-free 3D board.  Read More »

Macross Hybrid Pack Has Sweet Packaging

2010-09-10 - Namco Bandai celebrates its hybrid release with a package for the collectors. Plus, the latest details on the game component.  Read More »

Hero 30 Second Delayed

2010-09-09 - PSP followup to miss November launch date. Producer promises demo next month.  Read More »

Bullet Soul Screenshots

2010-09-09 - First full res look at 5pb.'s original Xbox 360 bullet hell shooter.  Read More »

Gundam Musou Returns With Cell Shaded Visuals

2010-09-09 - Namco Bandai announces PS3 and Xbox 360 sequel and shares a comparison shot showcasing the new visual style.  Read More »

Gun Loco Ties Up With Hatsune Miku

2010-09-09 - Square Enix pairs its Xbox 360 exclusive... err, racer? ... with the popular virtual idol.  Read More »

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