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My Little Sister is Cute AND Popular

2010-09-11 - Little sister themed adventure game is the most liked game at Namco Bandai's Tokyo Game Show site.  Read More »

Catherine: Meet Katherine

2010-09-11 - An odd twist in the story of Team Persona's first HD game.  Read More »

Sega to Broadcast TGS Stage Events Live

2010-09-10 - Yakuza Of the End, Virtual On, Vanquish, and mystery title to have their press conferences broadcast over Ustream.  Read More »

Dead or Alive Dimensions Screens

2010-09-10 - Ayane, Kasumi, Hayate and Raidou feature in these first screens of the renamed 3DS fighter from Team Ninja.  Read More »

Cave Brings Mushihime-sama to iPhone

2010-09-10 - Shooting masters announce third iPhone title to follow Espgaluda II and DoDonPachi.  Read More »

Samurai Dead Rising, What Are You?

2010-09-10 - Capcom teams up with Norio Shioyama for a series of stylish animation shorts.  Read More »

New Dangan-Ronpa Promo Video

2010-09-10 - Insane rants by Mono Bear joined by actual gameplay footage in this second trailer for Spike's high speed detective action game.  Read More »

Sega Reveals Yakuza Of the End Supporting Cast

2010-09-10 - Chiaki Kuriayama and other high profile actors lend their talents to new PS3 title.  Read More »

Iwata Asks About Pokemon Black & White

2010-09-10 - The development staff discusses the new world and the decision to go with all new Pokemon.  Read More »

Mega Man Universe Customization Screenshots

2010-09-10 - Full res shots show off the game's newly announced character customization and level edit systems.  Read More »

Konami Brings Love Plus and Winning Eleven to Tokyo Game Show

2010-09-10 - Updated exhibit list shows playable Winning Eleven 2011 and Love Plus Arcade, and a Love Plus stage you'll have to watch!  Read More »

First Look: Yakuza Of the End

2010-09-10 - Sega unveils the cast and provides a first in-game look at the new PS3 Yakuza game.  Read More »

Shining Hearts Screenshots

2010-09-10 - Battle MOE, pirates and more in this latest batch of media for Sega's slightly delayed RPG.  Read More »

Vanquish Screens

2010-09-10 - Scenes from the opening, the powerful Tank enemy, and the weapons of the BLADE system.  Read More »

Make Your Own Mega Man in Mega Man Universe

2010-09-10 - Capcom's new cross platform Mega Man has some major customization components.  Read More »

Hands On With Kinect at Microsoft's Tokyo Media Briefing

2010-09-10 - Microsoft gives the press an early chance at controller-free gaming ahead of the Tokyo Game Show.  Read More »

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