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Is Level-5 Making a New Ace Attorney?

2010-09-25 - A mysterious Tweet from one of Level-5's newest employees.  Read More »

A Certain Scientific Railgun Set for PSP

2010-09-24 - Anime series going portable with original story and new "Family Restaurant Meeting System."  Read More »

Tactics Ogre (viewing app) hits iPhone/iPad

2010-09-24 - You can't play Tactics Ogre, but you can view artwork for it!  Read More »

Some Final Fantasy XIV Goods For You?

2010-09-24 - Square Enix begins goods sales for recently released MMORPG.  Read More »

No More Heroes 2: The Erotica Comic

2010-09-24 - MMV provides a glimpse at the bonus goodie for the long awaited Japanese version of NMH2.  Read More »

New Radiant Historia Promo Video

2010-09-24 - Plus, insight into what goes into making a PV, and details on the game's quest system.  Read More »

Billy's Bootcamp Hits Wii

2010-09-24 - Popular DVD training program one of two exercise games announced by Rocket Company.  Read More »

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Demo Detailed

2010-09-24 - Is this the most complicated demo download process ever? You bet your poogies it is!  Read More »

Which Version of Pokemon Black & White Sold Better?

2010-09-24 - Media Create provides additional sales details on what may be the fastest selling game ever.  Read More »

Dragon Ball Tag VS Screenshots

2010-09-24 - Screens from the game's "Battle Selection" mode.  Read More »

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