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Tactics Ogre Gets a Collectors Pack

2010-10-01 - Featuring a special box, a soundtrack and other bonus goodies.   Read More »

Date Set for DS SaGa 3

2010-10-01 - Square Enix's next remake is due out in January.  Read More »

The 3rd Birthday: Closed Theater Trailer Now Available

2010-10-01 - The Open Theater trailer has nothing on this! Aya Brea fans must watch!  Read More »

There's a Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary DSi Too

2010-10-01 - Nintendo forgot to announce a few of its other 25th anniversary products.  Read More »

Don't like the 3DS price? Well it's your damn fault!

2010-09-30 - Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata explains how Nintendo came up with the 25,000 yen price point.  Read More »

Gradius Goes Mobile as a Strategy Game

2010-09-30 - Konami's abandons shooting roots for new take on franchise in Gradius Arc.  Read More »

Nintendo Stock Surged Temporarily on False 3DS Release Info

2010-09-30 - Or maybe investors really were excited about the Super Mario Bros. anniversary DSi LL.  Read More »

3DS Super Street Fighter IV Has Behind-the-Shoulder View

2010-09-30 - 4gamer stumbles upon a surprise feature for the 3DS version of Capcom's fighter.  Read More »

AKB48 Show Their Incredible Acting Talent in AKB1/48 Trailer

2010-09-30 - Namco Bandai gathers the girls to promote the upcoming love sim.   Read More »

Love Plus Set for 3DS

2010-09-30 - Manaka introduces the next step for Konami's girlfriend simulation.  Read More »

Cops Bust PSP File Sharer

2010-09-30 - Man from Aichi Prefecture shared games like Street Fighter Alpha and What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord?.  Read More »

Gmode Brings First RPG to DSi Ware

2010-09-30 - Sepas Channel has an eye catching art style and unique premise to download service.  Read More »

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