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Iwata Mum On Console Connectivity for 3DS

2010-10-02 - CEO believes such connectivity could become a topic for the future.  Read More »

First Look: Aya's Lightning Costume

2010-10-02 - Plus, the latest characters, including Eve, at The 3rd Birthday's official site.  Read More »

Dangan-Ronpa Demo Hits Later This Month

2010-10-02 - Sample investigation and courtroom components of Spike's high speed detective action PSP title.  Read More »

Date Set for Sonic 4

2010-10-02 - Sega catches up with its overseas divisions and sets a final release date for the downloadable Sonic.  Read More »

Nintendo Expects 3DS Game Prices To Be in Line with DS Games

2010-10-01 - CEO Satoru Iwata discusses prices and costs at recent investors Q&A.  Read More »

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Closed Theater Trailer Available

2010-10-01 - Get a glimpse at Tifa, as part of a newly opened official site with a potentially awesome Final Fantasy history section.  Read More »

Iwata Discusses 3DS Specs With Investors

2010-10-01 - System's specs made so high to allow developers to bring their software over.  Read More »

Iwata Explains 3DS Date and Price

2010-10-01 - Find out what Nintendo's CEO had to say to investors the other day.  Read More »

Nintendo Apologizes Over Lost Business Cards

2010-10-01 - Company lost business cards of 1,200 attendees of recent 3DS conference.  Read More »

Nintendo Looking To Fight 3DS Piracy Through Firmware Updates

2010-10-01 - System could see automatic updates through SpotPass. 3DS software to include firmware updates.  Read More »

Masahiro Sakurai Discusses Kid Icarus with Dengeki

2010-10-01 - Plus, what Nintendo Conference games impressed the Smash Bros. creator?  Read More »

Pac-Man Gets a 30,000 Yen Necklace

2010-10-01 - More 30th anniversary products from Namco Bandai.  Read More »

Monster Hunter: Whack a Felyne Edition

2010-10-01 - Capcom's makes a cute mobile spinoff of Monster Hunter Diary  Read More »

Nintendo Debuts Japanese Zelda Skyward Sword

2010-10-01 - Although it's still without a final name, the new Wii Zelda game goes playable for the Japanese media.  Read More »

Date Set for Level-5 Vision 2010

2010-10-01 - Publisher planning annual conference for this year, complete with some unannounced surprises.  Read More »

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