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Capcom Cuts Earnings Forecasts on Dead Rising and Lost Planet 2 Troubles

2010-10-05 - Dead Rising 2 delay and poor Lost Planet 2 performance lead to earnings revision.  Read More »

The Latest in Dragon Quest and Slime Eats

2010-10-05 - Luida's Bar bar goes up on level and gets an updated menu.  Read More »

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Has Pro and Simple Controls

2010-10-05 - Producer Yoshinori Ono shares a few bits on the 3D portable Street Fighter.  Read More »

More Wii Taiko Drum Master Coming This Year

2010-10-05 - Retailer lists third entry for December release.   Read More »

Microsoft Pushes Kinect Through Girl Band SKE48

2010-10-04 - Members of AKB48 sister band to form special "Kinect" group for original Kinect song.  Read More »

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater May Feature Street Pass

2010-10-04 - Hideo Kojima shares just one new bit at recent Nintendo Conference event.  Read More »

My Little Sister Can't Possibly Be Coming Out Opposite Valkyria Chronicles 3

2010-10-04 - She may be too cute to believe, but that's no reason for getting in the way of my Valkyria!  Read More »

Hideo Kojima's Snatcher "Smell Plan"

2010-10-04 - How the classic adventure title could have entered the fourth dimension.  Read More »

Dead or Alive Dimensions Has 3D Shake

2010-10-04 - The girls will show their stuff off in full 3D, says Famitsu.  Read More »

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Has a "Secret Talk"

2010-10-04 - No "secret movie" or "secret event" scene this time, but another form of secret.  Read More »

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