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Dream Club Zero: Things My Hostess Said at the Onsen

2010-10-06 - I can tell you from experience that this is exactly what it's like to get in the bath with a hot virtual hostess.  Read More »

Dream Club Zero: Cosplaying Hostesses

2010-10-06 - It's cosplay day at the host club, complete with new costumes!  Read More »

Dream Club Zero Screenshots

2010-10-06 - Onsens, cosplay and sausage on a stick in this latest batch of screens.  Read More »

Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage Set for Japanese Release

2010-10-05 - Hokutou Musou's US version getting the reverse localization treatment for PS3 owners.  Read More »

SKE48 Gives Kinect the Thumbs Up

2010-10-05 - If it's good for JPOP stars, who are you to complain about not being able to sit down?  Read More »

Sony Readying High Capacity PS3 DVR Bundle

2010-10-05 - Torne recorder to be included with 320GB system. Long USB cable on the way too.  Read More »

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