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Dangan-Ronpa's Gameplay Detailed

2010-10-13 - 2.5D motion graphics, Anagram Machine Gun Battles, and Climax Deduction. Plus, meet the latest cast members.  Read More »

Toshihiro Nagoshi Makes His Television Debut

2010-10-13 - Yakuza series producer makes guest appearance on Black Panther Yakuza television show.  Read More »

Kenka Bancho 5 Update

2010-10-13 - Meet Naoto's chums and get a look at the world in the biggest Kenka Bancho ever.  Read More »

Dangan-Ronpa Screenshots

2010-10-12 - Our latest look at Spike's high speed detective action game.  Read More »

Capcom Teases Ace Attorney Collaboration

2010-10-12 - Plus, series director Shu Takumi talks about the early creation of the series.  Read More »

This is Where Capcom CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto Works

2010-10-12 - Yoshinori Ono plans on "challenging" Capcom's prez about Super SFIV's download content.  Read More »

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