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Mr. Driller Celebrates the Chilean Mine Rescue

2010-10-14 - Namco Bandai offers a commemorative wallpaper. Be glad that's as far as they went.  Read More »

Former Marvelous Producers Move to Grasshopper Manufacture

2010-10-14 - Yasuhiro Wada, Yoshiro Kimura and Suda 51 explain the recent shifts.  Read More »

The First Step for the Next "A Hideo Kojima Game."

2010-10-14 - Kojima holds a meeting with core staffers for the next game he's going to put his name on.  Read More »

Kazunori Yamauchi Briefly Explains Gran Turismo 5's Delay

2010-10-14 - Producer does not expect delay to take game beyond end of year.  Read More »

Your Rune Factory Oceans Bonus Item

2010-10-14 - Marvelous readying a drama CD and visual book for early buyers.  Read More »

First Look: Rune Factory Oceans

2010-10-14 - Your main character in this multiplatform Rune Factory is male and female in one!  Read More »

The 3rd Birthday Has Skippable Event Scenes

2010-10-14 - Plus, director Hajime Tabata touches upon the development of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII.  Read More »

Cyberfront Readying Music-themed Adventure Game for PSP

2010-10-14 - Deardrops Distortion making the trip over from PC, presumably minus the adult content.  Read More »

Tifa Officially Official For Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

2010-10-14 - One trailer and one Jump reveal later, we can officially consider Tifa official enough to fill our headlines with the word official.  Read More »

The Last Story Has Changeable Clothing

2010-10-14 - Switch out costumes, even if the character designer didn't initially approve.  Read More »

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