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Fantasy Life Does the Platform Swap to 3DS

2010-10-19 - Level-5 switches the platform and picks up Yoshitaka Amano for the game's image illustration.  Read More »

Time Travelers Set for 3DS

2010-10-19 - Level-5 announces the platform, shares first screens, and introduces two characters for its first ever suspense title.  Read More »

Professor Layton Crossing With Ace Attorney

2010-10-19 - Level-5 and Capcom team for an unexpected crossover. First images and details.  Read More »

Ni no Kuni DS Screenshots

2010-10-19 - A look at some of the new features that were announced at Level-5 Vision 2010. Plus, get a first look at the packaging!  Read More »

Mystery Room Screenshots

2010-10-19 - Level-5's all original Atamania game is still on the way for DS. Get your latest look here.  Read More »

Inazuma Eleven 3 The Ogre Screenshots

2010-10-19 - First look at what's new for the surprise third edition of Inazuma Eleven 3.  Read More »

Little Battler eXperience Screenshots

2010-10-19 - Latest screens from the upcoming PSP title, along with a first look at the packaging.  Read More »

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Screens

2010-10-19 - Straight from Level-5 Vision, our latest look at the 3DS installment in the Layton series.  Read More »

Fantasy Life Screenshots

2010-10-19 - Level-5's tie-up with Brownie Brown is making the move to 3DS. First look at the updated version here.  Read More »

Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney -- First Artwork

2010-10-19 - An unexpected crossover between Capcom and Level-5. Get a first conceptual look.  Read More »

Kyabajoppi for 3DS -- First Look

2010-10-19 - Level-5 brings its popular mobile hostess sim to 3DS, with new guest characters. First screens here.  Read More »

Time Travelers Images

2010-10-19 - First look at Level-5 and Jiro Ishii's new 3DS project.  Read More »

Level-5 Vision 2010 Live Blog

2010-10-19 - The annual Akihiro Hino Spectacular is being held later tonight. Live coverage here.  Read More »

Catherine -- Opening Screenshots

2010-10-19 - Official screens from the opening staff roll that was released yesterday.  Read More »

Latest Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Beasts

2010-10-19 - Even more newcomer monsters for the upcoming smash hit.  Read More »

Hero 30 Second Screenshots

2010-10-19 - Check out the latest media while you wait for the November 4 demo.  Read More »

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