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The 3rd Birthday: A Special Message From Producer Yoshinori Kitase

2010-10-22 - Square Enix begins a new column as Aya's return to the game screen approaches.  Read More »

First Look: Trouble Witches Neo!

2010-10-21 - SNK Playmore formally announces its next Xbox Live Arcade title and shares a trailer.  Read More »

Trouble Witches Neo Screenshots

2010-10-21 - First look at the Xbox Live Arcade version of the PC and arcade doujin shooter.  Read More »

Hori Readying Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Accessory Set

2010-10-21 - Celebrate this year's big release without shelling for one of those custom designed PSP units.  Read More »

First Look: Aya Brea's Torn Stockings

2010-10-21 - The latest costume, character and combat details for The 3rd Birthday.  Read More »

Pac-Man Party Screenshots

2010-10-21 - Namco Bandai's party take on the Pac-Man franchise hits Wii on December 16 with over 50 mini games.  Read More »

Romancing SaGa 2 Being Remade for Cell Phones

2010-10-21 - Square Enix adding new features and paid download content to Super Famicom classic.  Read More »

Space Channel 5 Part 2 Screenshots

2010-10-21 - Ulala and Space Michael Jackson go HD and 16x9 on PSN and XLA.  Read More »

Get Bass PSN/XLA Screenshots

2010-10-21 - Sega revives its classic Dreamcast and arcade fishing game for download release.  Read More »

Chunsoft's Zombie Game Revealed

2010-10-21 - Love Zombies? You will after seeing this adorable DS game!  Read More »

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