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G.Rev Readying Original Shooter for Xbox 360

2010-10-28 - Once thought to be in development for arcades, Strania has been revived as G.rev's first original consumer game.  Read More »

Ugliest. Boxart. Ever.

2010-10-28 - Sony gets a bit impressionistic with the box art for upcoming Move party game.  Read More »

First Look: Venus and Braves PSP

2010-10-28 - PlayStation 2 strategy classic being revived on the PSP. First look, courtesy of Dengeki Online.  Read More »

Super Mario Collection Tops Charts With 300,000

2010-10-28 - Pokemon Black & White finally pushed from the to spot amid a flood of new releases.  Read More »

Gal Gun Has a Panic Screen

2010-10-27 - In case anyone overhears the naughty sounds coming from your TV.  Read More »

Iwata Asks More Questions About The Last Story

2010-10-27 - Hironobu Sakaguchi and character designer Kimihiko Fujisaka in the hot seat again.  Read More »

Holy Crap My Wife Is Due Tomorrow!

2010-10-27 - Err... the Idea Factory wife simulator, that is.  Read More »

PlayStation Camp Producer's Wife Has Anger Issues

2010-10-27 - Lots of fuss over a broken DS, a misbehaving boy, and a confusing Tweet.  Read More »

Aya Brea in a Variety of Outfits

2010-10-27 - Square Enix shares some sweet 3rd Birthday screens to go along with today's theme song announcement.  Read More »

Crafts & Meister Working on PlayStation Move

2010-10-27 - Ex Capcom talent Noritaka Funamizu expresses interest in 3DS as well.  Read More »

Tales of Graces F Collaborates with Toro

2010-10-27 - Giant cat heads are about to invade your Tales.   Read More »

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