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And Now For a Look at Catherine's Food

2010-11-02 - Character designer says he's placing lots of effort in sushi, pizza and other food items.  Read More »

Yu Suzuki Speaks

2010-11-02 - Get all the current details on Ys Net, the new studio from the creator of Shenmue.  Read More »

Shigeru Miyamoto's Hobby Results in New DSi Ware App

2010-11-02 - Make your own customized DS download service later this month.  Read More »

3DS to Have 3D and 2D Mario Games

2010-11-02 - Miyamoto discusses possibilities for Mario sequels on 3DS.  Read More »

Capcom Comments on Inafune's Departure

2010-11-02 - Development at Capcom now headed up by Katsuhiko Ichii.  Read More »

Atlus Putting More Money Into Persona 2 Remake

2010-11-02 - Original's remake sold more, so sequel's remake gets more funds.  Read More »

Way of the Samurai 4 Screenshots

2010-11-01 - First look at the new PlayStation 3 entry in the series.  Read More »

Mamorukun Shoot-em-up Coming to PlayStation 3

2010-11-01 - PS3 owners can experience a tiny fraction of the Xbox 360 shooter lineup.  Read More »

Team Monhan Sports the Latest in Monster Hunter Fashion

2010-11-01 - Show off your love of Monster Hunter, and your abundant wealth, with this new collaborative bag.  Read More »

This Year's Konami Calendars

2010-11-01 - Love Plus, Metal Gear Solid and Tokimemo. Wait... one of those doesn't fit.  Read More »

First Shenmue City Details Emerge

2010-11-01 - Spinoff being developed by Ys Net, supervised by Sega and released through... Sunsoft?  Read More »

Your Valkyria Chronicles 3 Packaging

2010-11-01 - Sega kicks off promotions with the packaging, an official Twitter, and more!  Read More »

GungHo Counting Down to Something

2010-11-01 - A new game from the publisher of Grandia Online and Ragnarok Online may be on the way.  Read More »

Romancing SaGa II Screens

2010-11-01 - The new mobile version of the Super Famicom classic.  Read More »

Romancing SaGa II Hits iMode Today

2010-11-01 - Get a look at the new content and some special Tomomi Kobayashi artwork.  Read More »

Venus & Braves Screens

2010-11-01 - The PlayStation 2 strategy classic, reborn on the PlayStation Portable.  Read More »

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