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Retailer Lists Disaster Report 4 for February 24

2010-11-06 - Move and 3D ready disaster game to make it out in Winter as planned.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Sees Increased Earnings

2010-11-06 - Tekken 6 was company's biggest title for first half of year.  Read More »

More Ex Capcom Talent Joins Mikami's Tango Gameworks

2010-11-06 - Plus, the latest piece of mysterious artwork from the new studio.  Read More »

Shenmue City -- First Gameplay Details

2010-11-05 - A few of the things you can do in Yu Suzuki's social Shenmue.  Read More »

Samurai Warriors 3Z

2010-11-05 - Full res screens of the PlayStation 3 version, which includes all the SW3 and Xtreme Legends content.  Read More »

Team Ninja's Boss Talks Ninja Gaiden 3 and Cancelled Projects

2010-11-05 - Company already has internal prototype completed. Progressive and Cronus are no more.  Read More »

3D Dot Game Heroes Lounge Opens in Home

2010-11-05 - The blockiest Home lounge yet, in celebration of original's one year anniversary.  Read More »

No Armored Core 5 This Year

2010-11-05 - From Software makes new 2011 release time frame official.  Read More »

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