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Kinect Launch Event Attended by Idols and Wrestlers

2010-11-16 - Chance for priceless photo op opportunities as Team Kinect appears in Akihabara on launch day.  Read More »

Yu Suzuki Discusses Shenmue's Story

2010-11-16 - Creator wants to tell full Shenmue saga at some point.  Read More »

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: Jehn Mohran

2010-11-16 - Monster Hunter 3's desert beast that you fight from a sand ship returns for MHP3rd.  Read More »

Slime (Maybe) Appears in Mario Sports Mix

2010-11-16 - The final character for the Square Enix developed Mario sports game appears to have been confirmed.  Read More »

First Look: Bleach PS3

2010-11-15 - Sony at last brings the Bleach franchise to PS3. Check out the first screens here.  Read More »

Vaan Sees a Voice Change in Japanese Dissidia Final Fantasy

2010-11-15 - Team considered cutting Vaan due to voice conflicts, but kept him in due to fan demand.  Read More »

Shenmue City Unveiling Live Blog

2010-11-15 - Yu Suzuki and Segata Sanshiro will take the stage at Tokyo press conference for new social Shenmue.  Read More »

Nintendo Targets New Moms with Wii Fit Plus

2010-11-15 - Wii title suggested for use as post pregnancy fitness tool. Warning: cute baby pics included!  Read More »

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