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Yeti Teases New Title

2010-12-03 - Upcoming sci-fi adventure game from Regista and Takumi Nakazawa.  Read More »

Samurai Warriors Chronicles Update

2010-12-03 - A few additional details and screens for the 3DS Samurai Warriors.  Read More »

First Rune Factory Oceans PV

2010-12-03 - Battles, farming, and monster raising in this first video.  Read More »

Your Valkyria Chronicles 3 Intro

2010-12-03 - Check out the animated opening to PSP's Valkyria sequel.  Read More »

Super Mario Club Resurrected For Christmas Special

2010-12-02 - Noriko Kato and Tooru Watanabe to reprise MC roles in classic television show.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Word Puzzler Hits iPhone as Free App

2010-12-02 - Mojipittan to see paid expansion packs through App Store.  Read More »

Four Kingdom Hearts Soundtracks in One

2010-12-02 - Upcoming soundtrack includes music from recent and upcoming KH games.  Read More »

Arashi Appears in Donkey Kong Returns Spots

2010-12-02 - Celebrity ads show band members getting reacquainted with Donkey and Diddy.  Read More »

More Macross Frontier for PSP

2010-12-02 - Namco Bandai shares details on next portable entry in the Frontier series.  Read More »

See Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's Early Morning Launch For Yourself

2010-12-02 - In case you weren't able to make it into Shibuya at the ungodly hour of 6:30 in the morning...  Read More »

Binary Domain -- Screenshots, High Res Edition

2010-12-02 - Take another look at the Yakuza team's new squad shooter, this time in full res.  Read More »

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