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Marvelous Shares Jump Lineup

2010-12-13 - Rune Factory Oceans, Hero 30 Second and... a browser game?  Read More »

Big Yakuza Announcement Coming on Thursday

2010-12-13 - Could our wait for an Of the End release date be coming to an end?  Read More »

Final Fantasy IV Compilation Set for PSP

2010-12-13 - Square Enix combines FFIV with FFIV The After on one UMD.  Read More »

Night of the Sacrifice Screens and Details

2010-12-13 - A few new details on MMV's Balance Wii Board horror game.  Read More »

Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference Detailed

2010-12-13 - Square Enix invites fans out to the Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills one week later than expected.  Read More »

My Wife is Cheap

2010-12-13 - So's Vanquish, oh vile, wretched game buying public.  Read More »

First Look: Square Enix 2011 Christmas Cards

2010-12-13 - Dissidia Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep get the cover honors this year.  Read More »

Watch Sakaguchi Speak About The Last Story

2010-12-13 - Nintendo to host live presentation from the Final Fantasy creator.  Read More »

Chrono Cross Set for PSN

2010-12-13 - Square Enix commemorates 20,000 followers with its latest Game Archives release.  Read More »

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