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Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning Must Not Be Forgotten!

2010-12-15 - Square Enix Member bonus item hints at... well, probably nothing, but it's neat anyway.  Read More »

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy World Map Details

2010-12-15 - Plus, V Jump hints at big character reveal for next issue.  Read More »

First Look: Kingdom Hearts Aya Brea in the Tub

2010-12-15 - Who needs a shower scene when you can have a bath scene?  Read More »

Vincent's Nightmare at the Catherine Official Site

2010-12-14 - Get a look at some gameplay details that you might have already read about last week.  Read More »

And The Winning Mega Man Legends 3 Mecha Is...

2010-12-14 - Capcom announces the final result of phase 2 of the Legends user contribution project.  Read More »

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