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EA Details 3DS Games

2010-12-16 - My Garden and The Sims 3 get some time with the Japanese press.  Read More »

Level-5 Studio Ghibli Tie-up Tops 170,000

2010-12-16 - Ni no Kuni barely beats Donkey Kong, but doesn't stack up to Monster Hunter.  Read More »

Sony Expands PlayStation Store Video Content

2010-12-15 - All six major Hollywood studios now distributing video content on Japanese store.  Read More »

Nobunaga is an Ambitious Little Kitty

2010-12-15 - First Shenmue, now this. Die browser games die!!!  Read More »

The 3rd Birthday's Latest Trailer

2010-12-15 - And a strange message at the official site saying "Farewell, Aya Brea."  Read More »

Yamauchi Outlines Gran Turismo 5 Plans

2010-12-15 - Premium car updates and more on the way, but some new features being left until GT6.  Read More »

One Super Duper High Res Tales of Xillia Screenshot

2010-12-15 - Namco Bandai outlines its Tales series plans at a 15th anniversary party.  Read More »

Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Update

2010-12-15 - New details on Laguna, the world map system, and the latest costumes, complete with developer commentary.  Read More »

First Look: Tales of Xillia

2010-12-15 - The first original PlayStation 3 Tales game is an RPG of Steadfast Convictions.  Read More »

Date Set for Yakuza Of the End

2010-12-15 - Zombie themed Yakuza game hits in March. Social Yakuza game planned for Winter.  Read More »

Tetsuya Nomura Discusses a Possible 3rd Birthday Sequel

2010-12-15 - Aya Brea creator has an idea for the direction he'd like to take.  Read More »

Next Tactics Ogre DLC Detailed

2010-12-15 - Download scenario two today, and get set for scenario three in early 2011.  Read More »

Monster Farm Goes Social on Mobagetown

2010-12-15 - One Million Person Monster Farm begins service in January.  Read More »

PS3 Tales Game Confirmed as Tales of Xillia

2010-12-15 - New title features two main characters and theme song from Ayumi Hamasaki.  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get

2010-12-15 - Voyeuristic love sims and busty strategy RPGs in this week's magazine leaks.  Read More »

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity's Tournament, Sponsored By Calorie Mate

2010-12-15 - Win a years supply of Calorie Mate by showing off your PSP2i skills.  Read More »

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