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AKB1/48 Has 48 Times The Download Content

2010-12-17 - Details on the idol love sim's pricey DLC, plus info on swappable clothes and "irregular" events.  Read More »

Konami's Slightly Professor Laytonish 3DS Title

2010-12-17 - Explore the underground of 19th century Paris in Doctor Lautrec.  Read More »

First Look: Big Headed Yakuza

2010-12-16 - Mobile Yakuza game to feature story set between Yakuza 2 and 3.  Read More »

Yamauchi on Gran Turismo For Boys, Course Revivals and Lengthy Intros

2010-12-16 - GT producer discusses what could have been, what might be, and what will probably never happen.  Read More »

Mysterious Yoshitaka Amano Site Opens

2010-12-16 - Final Fantasy artist to hold press conference next week.  Read More »

Square Enix Slashes Earnings Forecasts

2010-12-16 - Deus Ex delay and Final Fantasy XIV troubles listed among problems.  Read More »

Ghost Trick Hits iPhone

2010-12-16 - DS title from the maker of Ace Attorney gets an unexpected port.  Read More »

Cave Announcing Three New Games in February

2010-12-16 - Shooting master teases upcoming press conference.  Read More »

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