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Square Enix's Festive Jump Festa Booth

2010-12-19 - Christmas trees and... Christmas NieR? Plus, what Square Enix titles were most popular?  Read More »

The 3rd Birthday Videos: Weapons and Enemy Weak Points

2010-12-18 - Plus, a look at the game's Jump Festa showing, where the "final trailer" was shown.  Read More »

Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Gets a PSP Bundle

2010-12-18 - Square Enix readying "Chaos & Cosmos Limited" version. Download release planned too.  Read More »

Chrono Trigger Teaser Site Opens

2010-12-18 - Super Famicom classic going mobile this Spring.  Read More »

First Look: Final Fantasy IV PSP

2010-12-18 - Square Enix formally announces PSP remake and lets players sample the game at Jump!  Read More »

Chrono Trigger & Final Fantasy IV Hit Jump

2010-12-18 - Square Enix adds two new titles to its lineup just as the event opens.  Read More »

Now Covering: Jump Festa 2011

2010-12-18 - New Square Enix and Marvel vs Capcom 3 details incoming!   Read More »

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