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Toshiba to Sell CELL Manufacturing Plant to Sony

2010-12-23 - Sony hopes to use Nagasaki plant to produce chips for cameras and smart phones.  Read More »

Square Enix's Wacky 3rd Birthday Promotional Campaign

2010-12-23 - Watch 50 commercials featuring comedian Jin Katagiri overdiving into people.  Read More »

Toro and Kuro Promote Castlevania Lords of Shadow

2010-12-23 - Kojima Productions localization project gets some time on Weekly Toro Station.  Read More »

Latest Heartful Arcana Hearts PV

2010-12-23 - Check out all the modes of play and the last seven characters.  Read More »

Princess Frontier Portable Detailed

2010-12-23 - 2008 PC title coming to PSP with new heroines and other bonuses.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Misses the Top 20

2010-12-23 - Monster Hunter and PSP continue their reign atop the sales charts.  Read More »

More PlayStation Move Demos Coming Tomorrow

2010-12-23 - Sarugetchu and Big 3 Gun Shooting join Bleach Soul Ignition.  Read More »

The 3rd Birthday On Display

2010-12-23 - A couple of advertisements to push Square Enix's new PSP release.  Read More »

Try Out Love Zombie in Advance

2010-12-22 - An actual downloadable demo, not one of those web flash things.  Read More »

Catherine Gameplay Update

2010-12-22 - What awaits Vincent when he ascends the stairs? Plus, sheep!  Read More »

Xenoblade Developer Begins New Project

2010-12-22 - Monolith Soft seeking staff for unannounced project.  Read More »

Little Bits and Pieces About The 3rd Birthday

2010-12-22 - What color is Aya's underwear and who came up with it? Pressing questions answered!  Read More »

Yakuza Of the End Opening Theme Song Set

2010-12-22 - Bradberry Orchestra creates original opening and ending themes for zombie Yakuza game.  Read More »

Classic Dungeon Sequel Coming to PSP

2010-12-22 - Double the everything in retro-styled dungeon RPG.  Read More »

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