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Nintendo World 2011 Attended By 26,000 People

2011-01-13 - Event proves to be far smaller in scale than a Tokyo Game Show or World Hobby Fair.  Read More »

Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable Possibly Dated

2011-01-12 - Famitsu.com reports that limited edition comes with second copy of the game.  Read More »

New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Character Revealed

2011-01-12 - Meet JC, the wrestler. Plus, some early gameplay details.  Read More »

Microsoft Gives Live For You! to Idolmaster 2 Buyers

2011-01-12 - Some sweet bonuses for those who buy the upcoming idol simulation with a new Xbox 360 system.  Read More »

Catherine: Stray Sheep Bar Detailed

2011-01-12 - Info on the bar's employees, patrons, and a 50 stage arcade game.  Read More »

3DS Preorders Start January 20

2011-01-12 - Pick up a pre-order slip at your local electronics shop next week. Do it or die in the cold!  Read More »

Steel Diver Impressions

2011-01-12 - One of the most enjoyable games at Nintendo World.  Read More »

BlazBlue CSII 3DS and PSP Arrive Simultaneously

2011-01-12 - Arc System Works shares lots of screens for its now multiplatform portable BlazBlue.  Read More »

El Shaddai Release Date Set

2011-01-12 - The adventures of Enoch and Lucifer kick off in April.  Read More »

Otomedius X Dated

2011-01-12 - Konami shares a new final release date for its delayed Xbox 360 shooter.  Read More »

The Last Story Commercial and Promo Video

2011-01-12 - A look at most areas of the upcoming RPG in this latest set of videos.  Read More »

Why Catherine Has Two Packages

2011-01-12 - The development staff provides a surprising amount of insight into the area of packaging for the upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 title.  Read More »

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