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Yakuza Of the End's Zombie Types Revealed

2011-01-14 - Plus, the sexy scientist who researches the evil that stalks the streets of Kamurocho.  Read More »

Macross Triangle Frontier Update

2011-01-14 - The latest gameplay details and screens for PSP's new Macross game.  Read More »

SD Gundam G Generation World Screenshots

2011-01-14 - Pilot creation, wireless data exchange and more in these latest screens.  Read More »

Tales of Xillia Screenshots

2011-01-14 - Latest shots show the battle system and the unique visual style.  Read More »

Iwata Hints at 3D Video Recording for 3DS

2011-01-13 - CEO says it would be nice to add such a feature through a future firmware update.  Read More »

Nintendo Budget Lineup Gets the RPGs

2011-01-13 - Tales of Graces and Rune Factory Frontier get low priced re-releases in March.  Read More »

3DS March Lineup Revealed

2011-01-13 - Naruto, Steel Diver, The Sims and more due out the month after launch.  Read More »

Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable Totally Dated

2011-01-13 - D3 makes an official announcement about the PSP title and its unbelievable special package.  Read More »

All the Latest Nintendo 3DS Dates

2011-01-13 - After the fuss of Nintendo World, find out what's due out when.  Read More »

Sampling Nintendo 3DS's Built in Software

2011-01-13 - Some of the best 3DS launch games are included in the system. We try out AR Games, Face Shooting and 3D Camera at Nintendo World.  Read More »

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