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AOU 2011 Amusement Expo Detailed

2011-01-18 - Latest arcade titles come to Makuhari in late February.  Read More »

Malicious Gets an Update

2011-01-18 - Major update adds easy mode, control adjustments, story viewer and more.  Read More »

Hero 30 Second Pushed Back Again

2011-01-18 - Title now arriving some time in 2011. Latest trailer released at official site.  Read More »

Catherine Demo Dated

2011-01-17 - Demo of adult themed adventure game arrives next week.  Read More »

Aim For 100 Girlfriends in Konami's New Love Sim

2011-01-17 - Target multiple girls simultaneously, but make sure you have the support of your friends!  Read More »

DoDonPachi Black Label X Finally Getting Patched

2011-01-17 - Two years later, and Xbox 360 owners can finally experience the classic Cave shooter the right way.  Read More »

3DS Sudoku Game is in 3D

2011-01-17 - Hamster is going to show us how to use 3D for a numbers based puzzle game.  Read More »

3DS Hardware Bits and Bytes

2011-01-17 - Some things about 3DS's hardware you've probably heard already but just in case you didn't, here they are!  Read More »

One Piece 3DS Adds New Characters

2011-01-17 - Remake of Unlimited Cruise promises lots of new features.  Read More »

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