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Sonic and Nights Creator Unveils 3DS and Wii Flight Game

2011-01-20 - Yuji Naka aims for simple controls and a deep world setting with Tenku no Kishi Rodea  Read More »

Another Century's Episode Bumps Monster Hunter From 1st Place

2011-01-20 - Capcom title falls to second for first time since release. Are PSP shortages to blame?  Read More »

Latest Asura's Wrath Promo Video

2011-01-20 - Have a look at Capcom and CyberConnect2's violent collaboration.  Read More »

Ridge Racer 3D Screenshots

2011-01-20 - Our latest look at Namco Bandai's 3DS launch racer.  Read More »

GN Software Readying Suigetsu Sequel for PS3

2011-01-19 - Have a first look at the console sequel to a 2002 adult love sim.  Read More »

Tales of Xillia: New Party Member Revealed

2011-01-19 - Judo and Mira get a powerful ally in the new Tales series game.  Read More »

Gal Gun Demo Set For Friday

2011-01-19 - Sadly, you won't get to sample the newly revealed Underwater and Delusion modes.  Read More »

Celebrities Promote The Last Story

2011-01-19 - What if Gathering were a real power? A real power... wielded by comedians!?  Read More »

Kingdom Hearts 3DS Named, Trailered and Discussed

2011-01-19 - Tetsuya Nomura hints that new title will lead in to Kingdom Hearts 3.  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get

2011-01-19 - Acquire's mystery underwear game revealed! Yuji Naka's new title is for 3DS and Wii!  Read More »

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Reborn as Final Fantasy Type-0

2011-01-19 - Square Enix shares the latest details and a new trailer for the Fabula Nova Crystallis series project.  Read More »

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